Record of Ragnarok Meets Lotus Juice in AMV

Warner Bros. Japan released a special Record of Ragnarok AMV (anime music video) featuring an exclusive track from the artist Lotus Juice. We had the special opportunity to ask Lotus Juice about the music!

How were you introduced to Record of Ragnarok? Were you familiar with the series before you were asked to make this music video?

I heard it from my friend actually before a Warner Brothers’ producer asked me to be involved with the promotion video. I’ve heard it from my otaku friend who I share common taste so it was exciting when I got this offer. 


Could you talk about your inspiration behind the track? Was there a particular moment in the anime you wanted to spotlight?

When I read the manga, I knew I had to have a cathedral bell-like sound so it would give some majestic feel. In the song, I scream “Ragnarok” posing as if I’m Brunhilde, so I proposed the idea of putting together my voice to her saying “Ragnarok.” In the AMV, it had her smirking and I like this version as well. 

At first, I wanted to break things down and be specific in my lyrics but realized that would be a 10-minute long song. In the end, I think it came out to be pretty good though.


How long did it take to make the track? Were there any instruments or sounds you wanted to highlight?

I made time and read the whole manga in 2 days, and then it took me about a week or 2 to create this track if I remember correctly. I made a beat in a day and as usual, I let it sit for a few days. When my ears are freshened and if I like what I’m hearing then, I go in and fix the details like adding some top sounds, twirk this and that, and lastly then go on and write the lyrics.


You’re best known amongst the anime and gaming world for working on tracks in the Persona series. How did that experience help you prepare for the Record of Ragnarok track?

For the Persona series, I usually write lyrics and perform, excluding the remixed which I made the tracks. But all these years of producing on my own from scratch gave me many ideas. Warner Bros. gave me all the freedom to make whatever I felt and that really helped me get creative since there are usually strict orders. 


Is there anything we should pay attention to while watching the music video?

The whole video and of course the anime is sick so go check out! My favorite character is Kojiro Sasaki.


What other projects besides Record of Ragnarok are you working on? Would you able to give some hints of what to expect in the future?

I have a bunch of things on the list but the only things I can disclose are my solo and my group AMADEUS. My 4th album will be out sometime in 2021 and AMADEUS’ new single should be out in the summer!


Any final comments to fans around the world?

I’ve totally enjoyed making the song for Record of Ragnarok and it was a pleasure because I truly enjoyed the manga from the beginning. 

I’d hope you enjoy the anime as much as I did because it’s super exciting especially if you are into battle scenes!

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