The World Ends With You Anime To Change Opening Song Following Drummer’s Arrest

The upcoming The World Ends With You anime will change its opening song by Japanese band ALI. The decision was made following the arrest of the band’s drummer Kahadio, whose real name is Kadio Shirai.

The opening song that ALI performed for the show was called “TEENAGE CITY RIOT.” It is currently unknown what song will take its place or why Kahadio was arrested. The show will also stick to its premiere date of April 9.

ALI had previously performed the Jujutsu Kaisen ending song “Lost in Paradise” and the opening song for Beastars Season 1, “Wild Side.” The band’s involvement with The World Ends With You was announced in November 2020. The trailer that contained a preview of “TEENAGE CITY RIOT” has been taken down, although a separate upload by IGN is still available.

The anime will stream on Funimation. The game on which it is based on is described by Google Play Store as:

Welcome to Shibuya, a mishmash of attitudes and styles in the heart of Tokyo.

A boy named Neku wakes up in a crowded intersection, alone and unaware of how he got there. Then, he receives a weird text: “Clear this mission…or face erasure.” With that, Neku is thrust into a life-or-death game that sends him scrambling down streets paved with one riddle after another…

What is the Reaper’s Game? Why is Neku a Player, and what is he playing for? Will the Game really end if he survives all seven days? Another mystery is always around the corner. 

Source: The World Ends With You anime website, @aitaikimochi Twitter

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