TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You Opening & Ending Songs Now Streaming

The full versions of TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You opening and ending theme songs are now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and KKBOX globally excluding China. 

The opening theme, titled “Koi no Uta”, is by Yunomi ft. Akari Kito (the voice of Tsukasa Yuzaki) and the ending theme, titled “Tsuki to Hoshizora”, is by KanoeRana.

Both songs have placed first and second in Anime Trending’s Shuffle Chart (Week of November 6, 2020) respectively. 


AniPlaylist currently indicates that both songs are available on Spotify in most countries. 

Crunchyroll is streaming the anime outside of Asia and describes the series as:

Nasa Yuzaki falls in love at first sight after an encounter with the mysterious Tsukasa. When Nasa earnestly confesses his feelings, she replies, “I’ll date you, but only if we’re married.” Nasa and Tsukasa’s cute and precious newlywed life of love is about to begin!

The anime is based on the manga series titled Fly Me to The Moon by Kenjiro Hata, who is known for writing Hayate the Combat Butler.

Updated: 11/17/2020 10:07PM – added confirmation on availability details. 

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