PATCH NOTES #3: New Award, Poll Limitations, and more

As of July 8th, 2020: The following changes will take effect in the operation of Anime Trending’s Charts, Awards, and Polls:

  • The total number of nominees for the Anime Trending Aspect Awards will now be set at a maximum of 10. Two nominees will be chosen from each season for a total of 8 regular nominees, plus 2 wildcard nominees from any season.


  • Anime films can now be nominated for the following Aspect Awards: Best in Character Design, Best in Voice Cast, and Best in Soundtrack. Production advantages and disadvantages between TV anime and anime films were weighted to determine which Aspect Awards anime films can participate in.


  • The “Best Insert Song” Award will make its debut in the next Anime Trending Awards. It will be classified as a theme song award.


  • Up to 3 nomination spots for Couple-Ship of the Year (CoupOTY) will be exclusively allotted for Couple-Ships from anime films without any prior TV anime series. If in case there are more than 3 viable couple-ships, there will be a qualifying poll to determine who will secure those 3 spots. This makes the total number of CoupOTY nominees go up to 15.


  •  Voters are no longer allowed to vote for more than 3 characters from a single anime series in each of the Character Polls.

Interested people can check our charter for the full guidelines on how our polls, awards, and charts operate and work.

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