Tower of God Episode 10 – Drunk Shibisu

The game of tag finally concludes and some major story developments impact the entire group. 

Crunchyroll describes the episode as:

Rachel suffers a grave wound.
How will she feel about reuniting with Bam?
As their various thoughts and intentions jumble together, each one reaches their own decision in order to move forward.
What waits for them beyond their sadness?

Small Rak is adorable and seeing everyone get drunk, especially Shibisu and Hatz, is as hilarious as it sounds. It’s also nice to check in on Yuri again, since we’ve hardly seen her since the first episode. We got some closure on the game of tag, which was the first sign that this episode would have less action and be more character-focused. 

There’s something sinister about the test administrators. From Han Sung Yu’s unusual activity to Lero Ro meeting with Khun, there seems to be a complicated game of politics going on behind the scenes. One of the position instructors is also our first indication that the King has a spy network that is willing to rig the climb.  

Tower of God Episode 10 (via Crunchyroll)

Bam continues to climb the tower for Rachel despite her insistence that she does not deserve his help. Bam’s obsession over Rachel has had both a positive and negative effect on his life. His infatuation with Rachel led him to climb the tower, and in the process of doing so, helped him make many friends. Now, that same passion led him to reveal his status as an Irregular, putting him and all of his allies at risk.

After a chaotically paced 9th episode, episode 10 is much more reasonably paced and easier to follow. More and more story seeds are planted, but we are concerned that not all of them will be addressed before the season ends. 

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