Watch GLEIPNIR Episode 8 – Now Streaming

MediaLink Entertainment’s YouTube channel “Ani-One” uploaded episode 8 of GLEIPNIR for free to users in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Papua New Guinea. 

Episode 8 is described as:

Clair and her new allies recover Shuichi and Yoshioka. What did Yoshioka see when she was in Shuichi?

Funimation describes the series as:

Shuichi Kagaya is an ordinary student until he learns he can transform into a monstrous dog with a revolver and a zipper down his back. Unsure where his powers have come from and whom to trust, he risks it all to save a beautiful classmate named Claire. He learns he’s not the only one with a secret; she wants to use his monster’s powers—no matter how brutal the violence or bloody the action.

Source: Ani-One YouTube Channel

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