Tower of God Episode 6 – Position Selection (Review)

In this week’s episode of Tower of God, the chocolate bar economy is tanking and Rak is having a crisis, Khun gaslights his teammate, and we get some pleasant casual lunch room chatter.

Crunchyroll describes episode 6 as:

What will Khun do after meeting Rachel?
The position selection begins, and despite struggling with their assignments, the examinees grow closer.
Meanwhile, someone watches them and ruminates from afar…

Addressing Rachel’s cliffhanger from last week’s episode, we learn more about Rachel and get some of the information we were teased. While not likeable, Rachel is now at least a more interesting character. We also get to see a softer side of Khun caring for Bam not just as a teammate but as a person.

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With each new character, the cast continues to be intriguing and exciting. There’s a lot of “show, don’t tell” being displayed as we get flashbacks from the lunch table, as opposed to straight exposition. It complimented the character interactions while we learn more about the princesses of Jahad.

As we met more of the characters, they’re just like everyone who is putting on a mask and hiding something. But, we get to learn a bit more about our trio. Khun is very protective of his earrings and Rak is loud and vocal by letting people know how he feels. We also saw some foreshadowing in the scene involving Bam’s contract.

As with past episodes, more questions were raised than were answered. With the various side plots, it provides an organic way of storytelling. Not a single scene is wasted and we’re learning some new throughout the entire episode. The pacing is good so far and this week’s episode takes a break from all the fighting and slows down. We’re given just enough to stay interested as the show is driven by intrigue instead of suspense.

Tower of God is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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