C3AFA Singapore Day 3: Fate/Grand Order Special Stage Panel Report

The Fate/Grand Order (FGO) panel was held on Day 3 of C3AFA Singapore 2019. Satoshi Tsuruoka (voice actor of Arash, Spartacus, Caligula, and both Caster and Saber Gilles de Rais) and Shizuka Kurosaki, Aniplex’s producer for the FGO animation project were there as guests. Both panelists shared their thoughts on FGO and their experience working on the project.

Producer Shizuoka Kurosaki, voice actor Satoshi Tsuroka (via C3AFA)

Aniplex’s Experience with Fate/Grand Order

Kurosaki-san revealed that Aniplex always had the intention to work on an animated version of FGO, as it is a unique and interesting piece franchise in their eyes. Aniplex had previously conducted a survey to find out which chapters of FGO’s story should be animated. The results of the survey eventually motivated Aniplex to bring the Babylonia and Camelot chapters to life.

Aniplex screened both trailers for the currently airing Babylonia anime and the upcoming Camelot movie, to the delight of the audience. Kurosaki-san announced that Arash would be appearing in the Camelot movie and revealed that dubbing has already begun.

When reached for comment, Aniplex shared they would try to bring the Camelot movie to Singapore’s theaters.

Tsuruoka-san on His Voice Acting and Characters

Tsuruoka-san shared that it was quite difficult to voice Spartacus as the character always seemed to groan while speaking, so he could not use his normal voice. He had to find ways to bring out Spartacus’s character through other non-verbal means.

Tsuruoka-san also said that during the Fate/Zero audition for Gilles de Rais (Caster), he was given a very theatrical description of the character. He originally thought of using Japanese kabuki theatrics to match the description, but because Caster Gilles is originally from France, he conducted research on Western theatrics to fully bring out the character’s personality.

While Tsuruoka-san liked all of the characters he has voiced to date, the emcees noted that they were fairly bizarre characters, to which Tsuruoka-san replied in jest that Arash was at least pretty decent.

Impressions of Singapore

It was both Tsuruoka-san and Kurosaki-san’s first time conducting a panel on the C3AFA Singapore stage, and Tsuruoka-san’s first time in Singapore. The voice actor remarked that Singapore was a beautiful country with much greenery and its buildings were quite uniquely designed. He also shared that his manager used to live in Singapore as a child, so she introduced him to a lot of things and shared her experiences living here with him.

Kurosaki-san then revealed her surprise at how many of the popular anime titles in Singapore were the same as Japan’s. She was also impressed by the number of cosplayers at C3AFA Singapore.

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