Symphogear Anime Streaming for Free on Youtube for a Limited Time

In commemoration of the global release of Symphogear XD UNLIMITED, Bushiroad, Inc. & Pokelabo, Inc. will be streaming the Symphogear and Symphogear GX anime series for free for a limited time. Episodes of Symphogear (2012) all the way through Symphogear GX (2015) will be released chronologically with subtitles thanks to the Symphogear Production Committee. Korean and Chinese (Traditional) subtitled versions will release one episode every two days starting 7 December, 2019. The English subtitled version of the broadcast anime is planned to release on Crunchyroll’s official Youtube channel. More details coming soon.

Symphogear XD UNLIMITED is described as:

This work is a Symphonic Battle RPG that faithfully recreates the world of the Symphogear series. There are over 100 and counting newly created illustrations for the game! Additionally, the game includes many exciting character songs from the original work that serve to enhance the flashy battles! It’s a game that can appeal not just to existing fans, but newcomers as well.

More info on the game can be found at the recently-launched official site and various social media platforms.

Source: Email correspondence

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