JRPG “Last Cloudia” Joins Crunchyroll Games Distribution

Crunchyroll Games has announced an additional JRPG mobile game, Last Cloudia to its titles. Developed by Japanese game publisher and developer AIDIS (Grand Summoners), the game was originally released in Japan on April 2019 and boasts 800,000 users. An English version for US and Canadian users was released this past October. 

The announcement includes an in-game collaboration event with Square Enix’s Collection of Mana titles starting 26 November featuring games such as Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana. The campaign is ongoing until 13 December. Characters from the iconic 1993 game Secret of Mana will be available as playable characters. 

Last Cloudia is currently available on iOS and Android for users in the United States and Canada. 

Source: email correspondence 

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