FLCL: Progressive Available on US Home Release DVD

FLCL and its first six episodes originally premiered in Japan nearly two decades ago in April of 2001. The show eventually come to the United States on Adult Swim in August of 2003 and again on the Toonami block in October of 2013. Since then, the show has been praised for its wacky moments and pushing anime beyond one’s imagination.

It came as a surprise to the show’s fan in 2016 when two new seasons were announced as a co-production between Adult Swim, Production I.G. and Toho. During Fanime 2018, Production I.G. USA president Maki Terashima-Furuta announced The Pillows USA Tour would begin later that summer.

While these experiences may have been limited to a handful of fans who could attend these occasions, Adult Swim released FLCL Progressive on DVD this past October. The DVD set will contain all six episodes and special features including “Meet the Creators” and “The Pillows” for fans to enjoy.

RightStuf Anime describes the show and DVD as:

FLCL Progressive features all 6 episodes of the anime directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro.

The sequel to one of the most insane anime ever created, FLCL: Progressive brings together members of the original team with a whole new generation of creators. From the legendary anime studio Production I.G and Adult Swim. FLCL: Progressive tells the story of 14-year-old Hidomi, her classmate Ide, and two otherworldly beings, “Jinyu” and “Haruha Raharu,” who are determined to unlock their hidden potential. Mixed up in this is an all-powerful force known as “ATOMSK,” a gorgeous vintage car… and a certain Vespa Scooter.

Special thanks to Adult Swim for the opportunity to promote FLCL Progressive and congratulations to our lucky giveaway winners.

The DVD is now available below. 

FLCL Progressive DVD



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