Bushiroad Announces Poppin’ Party Talk Show & Mini Live for CharaExpo USA 2019

New batch of announcements for CharaExpo USA 2019.

Previously announced BanG Dream! guests Aimi (voice of Kasumi Toyama) and Sae Otsuka (voice of Tae Hanazono), will be appearing as members of Poppin’ Party in a special Talk Show on the main stage. As part of this programming, the two will be performing a Mini Live Acoustic Stage. 

BanG Dream! fans can also apply to take part in an official cosplay contest to win prizes such as a figure of Yukina Minato from Roselia. The contest will be judged by special guest judge Risa Light from Cherry-Jelly Production.

It was announced that the main stage will be MC’d by Nana Tanimura for both days of the event. Tanimura made her debut in May of 2007 with her first single, “Again” and continued to rise in popularity. Despite taking a break, she made a comeback in 2018 and received high acclaim for her performance and welfare activities in The People’s Republic of Bangladesh in May of 2019, and even earned an invitation to the Japanese Prime Minister’s Banquet.

Chrono Clash System has been confirmed as an additional exhibitor, featuring both Naruto/Boruto and Godzilla card games. Attendees will be able to participate in the games to win special prizes, such as designing your own card, and qualify for the Sunday Finals event.

As for Bushiroad’s Trading Card Game events, the Cardfight!! Vanguard Clan Leader side event is making a return by popular demand. Players wanting to represent their favorite clan may compete to win a jumbo-sized clan leader card. Free Fight Bingo is also making a return (for all Bushiroad TCGs) with brand new prizes, such as an exclusive playmat featuring CharaExpo mascot Matsuri (seen below.)

CharaExpo USA 2019 will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California on December 7th and 8th, 2019. This year’s event will expand upon last year’s with 1.5 times the floor space. Tickets are available now, online and at select stores recognized for Bushiroad TCG events. 

Source: Email correspondence, official website, and social media

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