For the first time in history of Anime Trending Charts – Fruits Basket becomes the first returning anime from before 2010 to reach the top spot after dethroning Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba in this week’s Top Anime Charts. This week also records the most number of short anime in the Top 10 (Ao-chan Can’t Study, Isekai Quartet, Senryu Girl)

The second season of One Punch Man is still taking a huge blow from criticism as it dips 4 spots while it’s the opposite for Ao-chan Can’t Study as it jumps 4 spots to #5 this week – just behind the other “Benkyou ga Dekinai” anime – We Never Learn.  Along with Wise Man’s Grandchild, which moves up by 3 spots to #3 this week, it marks the first time that animation studio Silver Link had two anime in the Top 10.

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