Haikyu!! The Movie – Battle of Concepts Review

The most precious, pure, and hilarious volleyball anime is back again with a special movie recapping the Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa arc! Crunchyroll Movie Night has brought Haikyu!! The Movie – Battle of Concepts to theaters across the United States on September 19, 22, and 23. We take a quick dive into the film. 

Crunchyroll describes the show as:

Ever since the diminutive Hinata set his mind toward volleyball supremacy, he’s faced an uphill battle. Now a valued member of the Karasuno High Boys volleyball team, he and his teammates will stop at nothing to restore their school’s champion status on their way to nationals. But first? They’ll have to pull out all the stops in a decisive match against powerhouse Shiratorizawa High. Get set for shonen volleyball action like you’ve never seen!

For avid and dedicated fans of the Haikyu!! franchise, the recap film provides “new” animation sequences. However, one would expect more since Production I.G. had done such a fantastic job with the camera work and freakish “quick” scenes in the past seasons. Though the purpose of this movie does succeed at its task: recapping everything that has happened and provides a nice refresher for fans after a long break since the third season of the TV anime series original release. 

So in short, nothing has changed much from an animation standpoint. There might have been some minor adjustments and improvements on the more mundane scenes, but nothing too obvious. However, there is a nice little “extra” at the end of credits that will excite fans. 

Interestingly, the film took a stronger emphasis between Karusno and Ushijima from Shiratorizawa High. In contrast, the TV anime series spotlighted substantial character development for Tsukishima, Satori, Nishinoya and others from Karusno High. It provided a nice touch and allowed the movie to explore a slightly different point of view compared to the original anime series. 

But the movie definitely added more epic and unique soundtracks to hype up certain scenes. At the beginning of the movie, when Hinata introduces himself from the “concrete”, there’s a combination guitar rifts, Gregorian chants, and a bit of dub step. During Satori’s debut scenes as the “Guess Monster”, there’s a whimsical flute-like music playing in the background that really emphasizes his creepy ability to predict his opponent’s moves. It’s pretty invigorating to hear these new tracks in the movie, along with the classic original soundtrack from the original TV anime series.

Overall, the film continued to present the excitement, and action-packed volleyball moments Haikyu!! has consistent offered to fans across the globe. With the release of compilation film, one can only hope for more from the franchise. 

Special thanks to Crunchyroll for the opportunity to review the film. 

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