Fate/Grand Order VR Coming to Anime Expo 2018!

Aniplex of America announced that Fate/Grand Order VR will be coming to the United States for the first time during Anime Expo 2018! Attendees will have the chance to join Saber-class servant Altria Pendragon and Shielder-Class Demi-Servant Mash Kyrielight in the VR experience.

The US premiere will feature a new English dub featuring Kari Wahlgren as Altria Pendragon and Erica Mendez as Mash. Aniplex of America will be bring multiple gameplay stations and hold on-site appointments for attendees.

Additional details about the Fate/Grand Order VR experience and registration to participate will be announced soon.

Aniplex of America is also celebrating the 1st anniversary of the mobile game at Anime Expo. The live celebration event will be held on July 7th from 4:30 to 5:30 pm in Petree Hall (LP 1) during the convention. Special guests will include voice actress Ayako Kawasumi (Altria Pendragon), voice actor Satoshi Tsuruoka (Arash/Gilles de Rais/Caligula/Spartacus) and Creative Producer of the FGO Project, Yosuke Shiokawa.

Fate/Grand Order synopsis:

Fate/Grand Order is a tactical turn-based role-playing game that challenges players to become Masters and summon powerful allies or Heroic Spirits, who are based on historical figures such as King Arthur, William Shakespeare, Hercules, and Joan of Arc. The free-to-play mobile game takes players back through history to embark on an epic quest known as Grand Order. The game’s exciting storyline and compelling play keep fans engaged and wanting more.

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