Fate/Grand Order USA Surpasses 3 million downloads!

Fate/Grand Order USA announced they will be celebrating 3 million downloads. It is an impressive feat since Fate/Grand Order was released in the United States just under a year ago. In April, the United States version was made available to users in Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.

In celebration of the milestone, Fate/Grand Order USA will have the “3 Million Downloads Campaign” spanning from June 6th till June 13th. Players will be able to obtain a “3 Million DL Ticket” which can be exchanged for one of the following servants:

Marie Antoinette
Chevalier d’Eon
Tamamo Cat
Elisabeth Báthory (Lancer)

Players will receive 3 saint quartz for each day they log in during the campaign. Furthermore, a banner rate up featuring the 5 star servant Scathach (Lancer) will be available during the duration of the campaign. New craft essence has been added to the game, including the infamous “Extremely Spicy Mapo Tofu.”

Additional details are available on the Fate/Grand Order USA website

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