Fall 2017 Anime: Staff First Impressions!

The Fall 2017 Anime Season is in full swing here on Anime Trending! Our Anime of the Week Chart for the season has many notable anime take the spotlight. Since not all anime can enter the Top 10, some of Anime Trending’s staff wanted to give their first impressions on some of the anime they’re watching respectively! 

A Sister’s All You Need (Imouto Sae Ireba Ii): Spiritual successor of Eromanga-sensei 

While the above comment could be enough to describe this anime, a bit more commentary might be necessary… though, where to even start? Protagonist Itsuki is as bit as perverted, creepy and gross as last season’s Sagiri and as imouto-obsessed as Masamune. The other characters are also very energetic (and weird) people, but with one difference from the show’s predecessor… Imouto Sae’s characters, more or less, act and behave like normal people and not like memes, and each of them has a couple of layers of their outward appearance and personality. Also, whatever little commentary about authors and light novels we have gotten in these first two episodes is already more than what Eromanga did as a whole, and the fact that the characters (minus the little sister) are all young adults makes things more tolerable… Though, before getting to that, you’d have to get through the unbelievably weird and off-putting first scene of the anime, already infamous in the community. But don’t worry, it was just an in-anime script, not the actual show. ~GoldenPincers

Blend-S: “Finish drinking and get out of my face, mongrel” 

Despite her kindness, protagonist Maika often has a very scary and sadistic smile, which would put off any company… except for a personality café, that is. Alongside (fake) tsundere Kaho and (fake) imouto Mafuyu, Maika plays the sadist without even trying… her smile is that dark. The jokes often hit their mark and the visual quirks accentuate the enjoyment and Mafuyu is the best girl, offering a nice experience of various little scenarios with the characters’ quirks playing off each other’s. ~GoldenPincers

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (Kekkai Sensen & Beyond)

Kekkai Sensen second season returned with a bang, and I absolutely loved it! I think what was incredibly important to Kekkai Sensen’s success is how the anime established its niche: absolute craziness and chaos with fun characters to enjoy the ride with. It was nice to see that the anime did not lose its touch of what it was best at, while adding a new element: being meta and making constant references to real life (binge-watching BBC Earth, finishing a mission and eating schwarma). And honestly, I don’t have much more to ask. I’m not expecting anything to be gut-wrenching terrible or dark, and as long as the anime continues to do what it excels so much in, I doubt this second season could go downhill. ~Scorpio

Children of the Whales (Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau): The Hidden Village in the Sand 

First, imagine a small village with people who use magic – and have a very short lifespan – and those who can’t. Then imagine these people living cut off from the rest of the world, on an island. Finally, imagine this island to be floating on an endless sea of sand. And here we are, Kujira no Kora, translated as Children of the Whales, a manga adaptation by J.C. Staff. In a mysterious world covered in the sand where you sink if you fall in it, magic exists, and the village’s elders keep all the secrets to themselves, 14-year old Chakuro has the task of writing and keeping the archives of everything that happens on the island.

The presentation thus far is brilliant, with solid visual aesthetic, magnificent art for the locations, soothing music and an intriguing story that hints of maybe being post-apocalyptic. The importance and weight of death seem to be an critical looming aspect of the series, and darkness is always present in the colorful environment of the first two episodes. An intriguing story and setting that ask to be explored.


Kujira’s first few episodes were executed in a way that tries to immediately draw the viewers – and it was extremely successful with me. In just the first few minutes of watching a coffin sink down below the sand, I was on the edge of my seat, already ready to learn more about the world, the people, and the story. The colors are pastel, and the art is particularly charming, yet despite all its lightheartedness when it comes to the characters and the art, it never ceases to remind you that things are a little darker than it seems. The ending of the second episode was excellent, and I basically can’t wait to see the full execution of the storyline for this particular series. ~ Scorpio

Country of Jewels (Houseki no Kuni): Genderless Sparkly-haired Characters 

My first thought was how similar this series was toSteven Universe since the main characters are literally living gems. However, I have no doubt that the anime’s storyline will be completely different from Steven Universe. The animation of Houseki no Kuni took me by surprise, but I can see why Orange, the anime production company, opted to go the CGI route as it literally brought the characters’ hair to life and reflected the gem the character each represents. As for now, nothing is too explained. The worlds have not been clarified, the antagonists have not been expanded upon, and the characters are incredibly one-dimensional. There’s the dark outcast, the bubbly character who hasn’t quite found his/her place, and the perfect being who isn’t actually perfect. I’m sure there will be more character development, but for now, I pensively watch through each episode. ~ Scorpio

If traps weren’t enough to confuse you, genderless anthropomorphic gems might make you question just how many things can the Japanizing beam be used on. Outside of the gender of the characters, Houseki no Kuni is another “monster are invading” series, but one that is far more intriguing than most. It’s a full-CGI anime, one that is extremely smooth, beautiful and well-animated, and perfectly fitting with the weird otherworldly element of these living gems fighting angelic-looking beings. Clear research has been done by the original author to assign each gem’s proper hardness, name, and chemical composition, and incorporate those into their capabilities in combat. Thus far, the anime is still in setup mode, but the unique environment is just asking to be expanded upon. ~GoldenPincers

Dies Irae

Game adaptions have always been a huge hit or miss, with rarely any particular adaption in the middle. However, once again, I have decided to take another chance at a video game (visual novel) adaptation since it seems like the game/visual novel adaptations have gotten better in the recent year. Currently there is only two official episodes, with an episode 0 to start off its series. The prologue was definitely very confusing. Even though the art was incredible, and Junichi Suwabe is lending his incredible voice to the main antagonist, the actual going-ons of the story made no sense to me. However, the next episode took a complete plot shift where the main characters are situated in modern world, and the protagonist has a strange reaction to blades. I was much more drawn in by then, as I am now left wondering how the prologue will fit in with the actual main characters. I have high hopes, but I still hold my reservations due to my previous experiences with some terrible visual novel/game adaptions. ~Scorpio

Gintama.: Porori-Hen: Dadtama 

After several seasons of serious business, Gintama takes a well needed break with a couple of miscellaneous and skipped over arcs from the manga. As a reader of the manga, I’d say that it’s quite sad that these aren’t necessarily put in chronological order corresponding to the manga arcs and chapters, but I am nonetheless glad to see such arcs be animated. Who would’ve thought that Kagura’s Boyfriend Arc would induce just as much laughter and more compared to reading it? It is no doubt the best arc to start off the season as it makes nonstop references to Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, Naruto — even I cannot list off all the references as they are all packed into a mere two minutes right into the beginning of the season and further. Shout out to the returning cast and crew as well — all the expressions, cut scenes, and voice acting this season has been a pleasure to see as the details have been hammered through and through. Although this season will include several different arcs within a span of a few episodes each, I’m sure that each and every one of them will be enjoyable. It’s been too long since Gintama’s returned to its old slapstick humor and comedy-focused episodes. ~Isaleebelle

Food Wars! Third Plate (Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara): Mapo Tofu 

FOOD WARS IS BACK! The Third Plate is here, and Yukihira continues to shake things up at Totsuki’s Culinary Academy where the annual Moon Festival is taking place! As always, Yukihira is taking things at his own pace but is as ambitious as ever: he plans on grasping a top ten spot no matter the circumstances. So far the episodes have been playing out at a reasonable pace, and with each episode just floating by, I’m curious to see what the results will actually be! One group in particular that I’d like to highlight is Alice’s group, as they seem to have absolutely no direction on their station and what they will serve! This Festival is showcasing each student’s personal strengths, but when cooking techniques come clashing against each other, which will prevail? With Tadokoro as his helper, will Yukihira be able to take down one of the elites? Now serving: the third plate! ~Isaleebelle

Just Because!: A Possible Love Pentagon 

I was definitely excited for this anime after the release of the official beautiful poster, and I have a tendency to fall in love with incredibly realistic romance animes. The art is definitely in a different style from the usual romance anime, though I can’t say for sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing as that tends to be a more personal preference. I have high hopes for it, as romance anime has done particularly well this year. Though the first two episodes proceeded slowly, it has progressed at a natural pace. As of now, I cannot tell whether it will be another feel-good anime, or whether it could possibly become something deeper, but I am likely to enjoy it regardless. ~ Scorpio

Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series: Explore the World! 

I’m a newcomer to this anime. I have not seen the old adaption, and I basically have no knowledge to the actual plotline aside from what I’ve read as the intro. Basically, Kino and a talking motorcycle, Hermes, go around exploring different countries and never stay for more than 3 days. I understand the atmosphere is one that is very different from Isekai Shokudou, yet it is undeniable that I am inexplicably drawn to this anime a lot more than Isekai Shokudou. Where Isekai Shokudou only briefly scratched the surface of each world the door appeared, this anime in only two episodes explored so much more: the culture, the politics, and even the morals of each country’s citizens. I can see why so many people are excited to see this old storyline return to the anime world, and I am coming along with the ride this time. ~ Scorpio

Konohana Kitan: Cute (lesbian) fox girls take care of your stay `

This show made me wonder about a question I didn’t think I needed to ask myself: what would happen if you mixed the inn environment from Hanasaku Iroha with the cuteness and weird town of Urara Meirochou and fox girls? Thus far, Konohana Kitan seems to be competent at presenting its pretty town of various demons and spirits, the work of the girls and the different stories that are created from their interactions with customers. The drama is of much smaller scale compared to Hanasaku Iroha, and the stories far simpler, but the character dynamics are strong enough to warrant watching and relaxing with these cute fox girls (who may or may not be gay for each other). Also, expect some nicely executed Japanese folklore throughout the series. ~GoldenPincers

Love is like a Cocktail (Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara): Cocktail Shorts 

Relatively silent and reserved in public and at work, Mizusawa Chisato has some that she keeps under the covers except in front of her husband: she’s an alcoholic. She loves to have a drink after work as she returns home to her housewife-like husband, Sora, who mixes just the right drink for his adorable wife. Once drunk, she changes her character quite a bit, but there’s a reason why Sora is right there for her. These three-minute shorts highlight one drink per episode, and it’s quite enjoyable to see as it is lighthearted and whimsical. ~Isaleebelle

March Comes in Like a Lion 2: May in the Midst of Winter 

Contrary to the the last season of March Comes in Like a Lion, this season seems to be much more uplifting for Rei than before. While the last season could be written off as something melancholy, the brightness this season truly rivals that of what Rei had experienced before. It’s in the opening, where many of the scenes are extremely colorful, and Rei isn’t as lonely before. He’s not standing in the same place anymore, returning glares at the audience. This season he’s running, pursuing something he knows that’s in his reach, with the help of his closest friends and supporting people all around him. Just take a look at the first few episodes, where Rei is hooked onto making ramune with his clubmates. Did he ever think that he would actually enjoy such an activity? Perhaps he will realize now how shogi isn’t just something that keeps him alive; it’s the passion behind it, and I hope he can find the reason to live on without discouraging himself any further. This season is sure to be a turning point for Rei, and it’ll be quite the journey to tag along on. ~Isaleebelle

Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Net-juu no Susume): The NEET life didn’t choose me, I chose the NEET life 

Looking for a game-themed anime this season? Well Recovery of an MMO Junkie might be the one for you. Morioka Moriko is an unkempt, fish-eyed, 30 year-old woman who simply leaves the real world to become a NEET to play games at home. As a shut-in, she finds a new MMO game to start fresh; she stumbles upon an online MMO called “Fruits de Mer” and creates a handsome male fighter character named Hayashi in the game. There she meets a super cute and bubbly magician named Lily, and spends much of her time online with her in-game friends. Although everything seems to be a drag for Moriko outside of her game as she avoids people of all types, the colorful world in game makes it such an attractive place to be. Despite this, I wonder about Moriko’s past and why she chose to live life indoors, but who knows? Perhaps the connections she makes in-game will transfer right into her real life. ~Isaleebelle


Ah, the confusing RPG online world, where sometimes girls play boys and boys play girls. So what happens if a girl playing a boy is “falling” for a girl who could possibly be played by a boy? This is literally the situation Net-juu no Susume confronts, and it has been hilarious fun so far. Aside from just RPG elements that gamers would likely enjoy seeing in the anime, the “relationship” is so incredibly fantastical and romantic that it fits right into the actual game the characters are playing (as well as the storyline itself). I don’t see anything groundbreaking in this storyline, but I also find it hard to see where the story could possibly go wrong. It’s dumb fun, cute, and a nice anime to enjoy after a hard day of work. ~Scorpio

The Ancient Magus Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome): 

Undoubtedly one of the most hyped shows of Fall 2017, I must say I actually am not as aboard the hype train as everyone else. From just the first three episodes alone, though I enjoy the story so far, I do not think it is as amazing as some people have already dubbed it to be. In fact, it reminds me heavily of Natsume Yuujinchou only with slightly more magic involved. The protagonist can see spirits and is incredibly rare in ways that weren’t fully explained at the beginning and spent her life shunned by society and the people around her before being taken in by a stranger who is accepting of her and wants her to feel as if she’s part of a family. Already, in the few episodes, she met new people she would’ve never met that understand and are more accepting towards her, while there are others who covet her presence in a more malicious light. If I applied Natsume instead to this summary, it would work exactly the same to the Natsume Yuujinchou series. I think more episodes will need to come out before I find it to be as amazing as others have already praised it to be, because for now, it is too similar to Natsume Yuujinchou for me to fully appreciate it. ~Scorpio

Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Washio Sumi Chapter: Blooming of the Past 

Being a Hero is a dream for many: helping or saving people, fixing issues, protecting justice… but being a Hero can also be suffering, especially in a post-apocalyptic world where Gods endlessly fight each other with gigantic monsters resembling torture machines. Serving as a prequel to the original Yuki Yuna is a Hero in 2014, Washio Sumi Chapter should be watched AFTER the former, as it assumes you are familiar with all the concepts, situations and aspects of the world and setting. The prequel dives right into the heart of the story, following three 6th graders fighting the same Vertex monsters that were fought in the previous animated installment… with some differences, however. With 3 out of 6 episodes out – before getting into the Hero Chapter later in the season – the same competent story/action and the slice of life split is ever present, to the same effect of connecting to these young girls giving their all. These beautiful flowers will grow and bloom, but at what cost? ~GoldenPincers

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