Aniplex of America streams Blend-S Trailer, Premiere October 2017

Aniplex of America began streaming BLEND-S subtitled trailer, an A-1 Pictures anime adaption of Miyuki Nakyama’s manga “Blend S”. The trailer showcased the cast and staff involved.

  • Azumi Waki as Maika Sakuranomiya (Sadistic)
  • Akari Kitou as Kaho Hinata (Tsundere)
  • Anzu Haruno as Mafuyu Hoshikawa (Imouto)

The series will be directed by Ryouji Masuyama with Gou Zappa as the Series Composer, while the Character Design will be done by Yousuke Okuda and the music by Tomoki Kikuyu.

Aniplex of America also released a synopsis for the series: 

Tsundere, Imouto (little sister type), etc. are only a few of the personas that the café waitresses play out here. And the new hire Maika, is asked by the store manager to play none other than the super sadist!? As she becomes devoted to her work, her super sadist persona blooms unexpectedly… Everything is a treat – even being stomped on – in this outrageous working comedy.

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