Twist N’ Slide Summer 2017 Anime!

From handsome sword boys fighting in ancient Japan and top notch modern ballroom dancing to cute spies in 19th-century steampunk London and meritocratic high schools, this summer showcases a wide variety of some peculiar anime with some strange settings. Not sure what to check out this Summer 2017 anime season? Interested in hearing other opinions on different shows? We here at Anime Trending have put together some of our thoughts on the anime airing this season! Keep reading to see what we think, and feel free to let us know what you’re watching as well!

Aho-Girl: So dumb that she’s funny

One of the first questions you might ask yourself when watching Aho-Girl might be “What in the world am I watching?” But if you just take the show for its lightheartedness, you might find yourself laughing out loud with every segment of Aho-Girl. Banana-obsessed Yoshiko claims to be in love with her neighbor and classmate A-kun, but A-kun refutes the claim and continues to give Yoshiko the uppercut in almost every episode for her stupidity. From running across several towns to thank a banana farmer, to fighting with the neighborhood kids, Yoshiko does the craziest and wackiest things anyone could ever imagine. With twelve minute episodes every week split into several parts, every sequence of Aho-Girl is worth seeing for its ragtag comedy and what Yoshiko might be up to next. @Isalee


Centaur no Nayami: Monster girls in an equal (but unfair) world

Following the increasing presence of monster-girl series like Monster Musume, Demi-chan wa Kataritai and Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon, this season’s Centaur no Nayami follows three girls: a centaur, a satyr, and a vampire. They are friends and classmates, alongside various other creatures like sea folk and cat folk, in a world where humans don’t exist. Thus far the series is very relaxing and pleasant, with each episode divided into a few short stories about different monster girl shenanigans, from bringing non-sea folks into a sea folk school for joint classes, to the fashion sense of different races and how magazines accommodate for each of them. 

What’s more surprising, but also refreshing, is that the characters act like normal teenagers, aware but also wondering about their sexuality and environment and talking about it among friends in a natural manner, instead of, you know… blushing every 5 seconds! However, behind the nice facet of those everyday scenarios may hide something more serious, as the title Centaur no Nayami, translated as A Centaur’s Worries, may signify. The characters live in a world where governments have put tremendous effort into making a society where all races receive equal treatment and where discrimination is severely sentenced, which they succeeded in… at the cost of equal accessibility. Examples include how everyone ignored protagonist Himeno’s heavy weight as a centaur compared to everyone else, for fear of sounding discriminative, nearly causing a disaster at their school festival; or how access for sea folk onto the land is possible (equality) but at extravagant costs many of them can’t afford (iniquitous). If you are looking to fill the gap of monster girls left by previous recent anime, Centaur no Nayami will likely fill it. @GoldenPincers



Kakegurui: Living life on the edge with every bet

It’s a start of an exciting anime when four episodes have aired, and you live for every second. Voice actress Saori Hayami absolutely shines as the Chaotic Good protagonist, Jabami, and I have never heard her in a better, more intriguing role. There’s a fine line between a crazy character who you’re terrified of and a crazy character you find yourself rooting for, and Kakegurui draws that line. It sets up a perfect atmosphere with perfectly written antagonists to make you excited for Jabami’s crazy, unpredictable moments, even if they’re plain terrifying when you think of it in real life context. The gambling games have fun twists to their gameplay. Though heavily stylized, the art emphasizes the strangeness of the world the story operates in. Definitely, check this one out. @Scorpio


Keppeki Danshi Aoyama-kun: Levi’s Son

Another gag anime enters the mix, only this one’s focused on a soccer player who is obsessed with cleaning! Really, I’m pretty sure he has Mysophobia (fear of germs). The tricky thing about gag animes is that there’s a point in time where the jokes start to run dry, and viewers begin itching for some sort of plotline. I am happy to announce that this anime actually does not fall into that particular trap. Though I was skeptical going in, the anime smartly chose to focus on characters around Aoyama and how this supposedly perfect soccer player affects their lives. Aoyama is also a surprisingly likable character with relatable traits of actual camaraderie with his teammates. The anime has different jokes for every episode, and I promise you that you’ll be surprised by this anime just as I have. @Scorpio


Knight’s and Magic (Naitsu to Majikku): Mahou Mecha Eru-Chan

At a first read through, the synopsis feels a bit like your average isekai (where the characters get transported to another world). It’s anything but. Knights and Magic combines the epicness of mecha with the mysticism of magic… and the breakdown and tech of programming. Kurata Tsubasa, a genius programmer, and mecha-obsessed otaku, dies and is reincarnated in a world of magic as Ernesti Echevalier. However, unlike any other isekai to date… THERE ARE GIANT ROBOTS PILOTED WITH MAGIC. The focus on Ernesti’s brilliance in designing new mecha and developing magic makes the show a bit slow, but viewers are rewarded with a very well fleshed out world-building. Cannot recommend enough for those who enjoy building and creating things. @mikatika


Koi to Uso: Can’t Tell Won’t Tell

Imagine receiving your marriage partner from the government at the age of sixteen. Koi to Uso, also known as Love and Lies, is the twisted, dramatic romance anime of this season. In a world where marrying the one you fall in love with is forbidden, Misaki and Yukari try to make it happen with the help of Yukari’s proposed love-curious wife, Ririna. The question is, will Misaki and Yukari be able to be with each other without fear, or will they end up with the ones that have been chosen for them? Actually, where will the lies end and where will true love begin? @Isalee



Konbini Kareshi: Lots and Lots of Ships

Summer has had a pretty good number of romance anime, and Konbini Kareshi is the one least talked about. Nothing, in particular, stands out from the synopsis, it’s art is mediocre, and even the title sounds questionable (Convenience Store Boyfriends). However, I think people should really give this one a chance. First of all, the boyfriends are not literal representations of convenience stores. They are normal high school boys who all happen to pass a convenience store on their way to school, which becomes the central place where characters end up a meeting. It might not be for everyone due to its slow pacing, and there isn’t one particular overarching conflict that plagues our protagonists, but the relationships it portrays are very real and very heartwarming. For anyone just looking for a cute love story, I think you should definitely check Konbini Kareshi out. I, for one, am enjoying it very much. @Scorpio


Nana Maru San Batsu: Q and A’s only

A: If you’ve ever watched Jeopardy! or participated in your school’s quiz bowl competitions, Nana Maru San Batsu might be a good anime to check out this season. Nana Maru San Batsu starts off with a typical episode, having a quiz circle recruit people in the flashiest way possible. While our protagonist isn’t used to the mannerisms of quiz bowls, he definitely is attracted to and has the aptitude for it. The show brings up various quiz topics involving pop culture, history, and much more. In addition, the anime presents specific methods such as the mechanics behind buzzing in first. Nana Maru San Batsu is much like a sports anime, but instead focuses on the battle between hearing, speed, and brains. @Isalee


Princess Principal: A spy of lies and blood (totally not a Fire Emblem Fates reference)

Series, where the main characters use dexterity, manipulation or intelligence over raw strength and firepower, has always been something I’ve much enjoyed. Add cute girls and a dose of coolness and you’re set for me. Princess Principal is an original series taking place during the 19th century London in an alternate timeline, where the Kingdom of Albion (totally not Britain) is the strongest nation in the world and is divided into 2 factions that engage in a spy/assassination civil war. Princess Principal engages in a “semi-historical with supernatural shenanigans” type of story, not too far from the likes of Youjo Senki and Shuumatsu no Izetta. Like them, Princess Principal contains historical elements and very solid visual accuracy in terms of weapons, clothes, buildings, and environment, but due to taking place in an alternate universe, special powers have been added (steampunk technology in this case), so don’t expect the scenarios to be too realistic. Nevertheless, the five girls we follow engage in exciting steampunk-powered spy action, whether it’s infiltration, disguise, car races, deception or manipulation. Add a very strong staff on top of that, and, as long as you don’t mind pushing your suspension of disbelief a bit further, you’ve got an intriguing series that hasn’t revealed all its secrets yet… and may even be lying to you. @GoldenPincers


Saiyuuki Reload Blast: Just keep driving

After over a decade since its last episode, the boys are back! The lazy priest, polite overseer, long haired womanizer, and monkey brat continue their adventures to the West. Killing any demons that stand in their path with their flashy battle styles, it’s no wonder that they continue to be feared along their journey, although they are hardly representative of the righteousness of the Sanzo Party. All in all, it doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the previous installments of Saiyuuki or have forgotten about them. If you’re down to see some handsome men crack jokes with each other and beat their enemies into pulp, I’d recommend hopping onto the roving jeep along with these guys this summer. @Isalee


Shoukoku no Altair: Rise of a legend

If you combined the atmospheres of Akatsuki no Yona and Arslan Senki, sprinkled more politics on top, switched the country of Korea and Persia with Turkey and mixed everything what would you get? Shoukoku no Altair is the answer, translating to A Record of Battles… and battles we are getting, both physical and political. In a war-torn continent between an alternate version of Turkey and the European powers, Tuğrul Mahmut is a recently arrived young Pasha, and very smart for his age. Diplomacy, betrayals, revolts, tensions and disparities between higher-ups and the regular citizens fill Tuğrul’s life as he finds himself in an unavoidable conflict he has to survive through. Solid world-building, discovery of Turkish aspects, characterization and greatly presented political manoeuvers make Shoukoku no Altair a certainly interesting series for whose who craved for that type of thing ever since Akatsuki no Yona and Arslan Senki. The first 2 episodes are on the weaker side of things, but right from the 3rd and 4th episodes, the series changes drastically with Tuğrul building his own record of battles and recovering from his fall from grace. An endearing adventure in a grand world awaits. @GoldenPincers


Welcome to the Ballroom (Ballroom e Youkoso):

Intensity as you haven’t seen it before. As a tango dancer, this anime sent chills down my spine, in how well they captured the love, passion, and meaning of dance. Follow Tatara Fujita, an aimless high schooler, as he delves into the world of competitive ballroom dance. However, Tatara has an ability that even he didn’t know, that will bring him to the top…

With a style meant to show the beauty of movement over any individual pose, as well as lovingly relatable characters, Welcome to the Ballroom simply stares you in the eye and declares, “Look at me!”


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