No Game No Life Zero 2nd PV Released ft. Theme Song by Konomi Suzuki

Originally announced back in March 2017, the No Game No Life franchise by Yu Kamiyama was confirmed for an animated movie. Today, a new preview was released for the animated film No Game No Life: Zero.

The 90-second preview was released on both the official website for the anime adaption and by KADOKAWA. In the new preview, the theme song “THERE IS REASON” by Konomi Suzuki was first previewed. She also sang the opening theme to the first season of No Game No Life which aired during the Spring 2014 Anime Season.

No Game No Life: Zero will adapt the 6th volume of the light novel series, which takes place 6,000 years before the main storyline. The movie is scheduled to premiere July 15th in Japan.

No Game No Life performed extremely well during one of Anime Trending’s first seasonal charts. It placed first in the Top 10 Anime of the Week for the Spring 2014 Anime Season five out of the twelve Weekly Charts released. The series would move on to take 5th Place in the 1st Anime Trending Awards, featuring the best of 2014 anime.

No Game No Life: Zero 2nd Preview

Key Visual for No Game No Life: Zero

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