“Crimson Lightning” Song from Upcoming Metallic Rouge Anime Previewed in New Video

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Update: A non-region-locked video, embedded below, has been released on Fuji TV’s YouTube channel. 

Original: Crunchyroll has released a “special music clip” for “Crimson Lightning,” one of the songs from the upcoming sci-fi anime Metallic Rouge‘s soundtrack. The video, which weaves together footage from the show and massive lyrics texts, is produced by 10GAUGE, a studio that has been involved in various anime trailers and opening/ending animations.

The music and lyrics for the anthem-like tune both spawn from the show’s composer, Taisei Iwasaki (Blood Blockade Battlefront). The latter includes lines like, “The moment has arrived for fighting. There is no escape or hiding” and “Darkness will be broken open. Shattered by the crimson lighting.”

Metallic Rouge is a Bones original that will follow the android Rouge (Yume Miyamoto) and her human partner Naomi Orthmann (Tomoyo Kurosawa) as they pursue nine anti-government androids on Mars. Motonobu Hori of Super Crooks and Carole and Tuesday is its director. The anime is set to premiere in January 2024. 


• Character designer: Toshihiro Kawamoto (Noragami and Blood Blockade Battlefront
• Series composer and chief supervisor: Yutaka Izubuchi (Space Battleship Yamato 2199 chief director, Rahxephon creator)
• Special ability director: Yasushi Muraki (Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution and Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution: Anemone)
• Gladiator designer: Takayuki Takeya (Noein: To Your Other Self objet designer)
• Gladiator designer: Tamotsu Shinohara (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans co-mecha designer)
• Mechanical designer: Hirao Tomoyuki (Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon a Time co-mechanical designer)
• Set designer: Shingo Takeba (Kurau: Phantom Memory)
• Costume design assistant: Akihiro Yamada (Rahxephon character designer)
• Art director: Takuya Ebisawa (The Price of Smiles)
• Color designer: Hiroko Umezaki (To Your Eternity Season 2)
• Compositing director: Masataka Ikegami (SK8 the Infinity)
• Culture research: Katsuie Shibata 
• Sound director: Haru Yamada (The Aquatope on White Sand)

Source: Crunchyroll Collection YouTube channel

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