Anime Trending News is brought to you by a dedicated and passionate team! Meet the staff! 

Editor-in-Chief: Noobles

Noobles first joined Anime Trending (AT) during the Spring 2014 Anime Season as a Content Creator. Over the years, he has led a variety of AT projects including the defunct magazine project, AT Awards Live Streams, AT’s Instagram and now Anime Trending News. 




Head-Administrator: Deiru-Kun

Deiru-Kun is the Founder of Anime Trending on Facebook. He helped grow anime charts over the years and created the Anime Trending Awards that has been held annually since 2015, featuring the best anime of each seasonal year. 

Editor: TsukinoTheHag 

TsukinoTheHag first entered Anime Trending in Summer 2014, via the now-defunct Anime Trending Magazine Project, as Deputy Head of the Project. She’s still in Anime Trending, helping out in various Anime Trending projects, including Editor of Anime Trending News

Writer: Isabelle Lee

Isaleebelle joined the Anime Trending staff during the Fall 2016 season as a Content Creator. She currently writes short seasonal anime reviews and articles for Anime Trending News.




Writer: GoldenPincers

GoldenPincers joined Anime Trending during the Winter 2016 Anime Season as a Content Creator. Each season, he covers a few shows in posts. He also handles the majority of the work related to gathering characters and couples for the Character Polls and Anime Awards, among other background work (aka Mr. Spreadsheet guy)