Kaguya-sama: Love is War victorious in Winter 2019 Anime Awards

Kaguya-sama gives A-1 Pictures its 4th 'Anime of the Season' (AOTS) title, solidifying the studio's record of having the most AOTS titles in Anime Trending

Final Impressions: W’z

Despite its title and ostensible DJ theme, W’z is actually - for some baffling reason - a Hand Shakers sequel... W’z isn’t as offensive, but it being better than Hand Shakers is faint praise.

Aniplus Asia announces simulcast details for Attack on Titan Season 3 2nd Cour

Aniplus Asia has announced simulcast details for the second cour of Attack on Titan Season 3, which will continue in the Spring 2019 anime season. The first cour aired...