COVER Corp. CEO Motoaki "YAGOO" Tanigo

INTERVIEW: Motoaki “YAGOO” Tanigo, CEO of COVER Corp. Talks About hololive production and Behind...

CEO Motoaki “YAGOO” Tanigo from COVER Corp., talks about hololive English and what happens behind the scenes in virtual entertainment. 
SINDERELLA Mori Calliope

Mori Calliope Announces First Major Album SINDERELLA for December Release

Mori Calliope announced her first major album, SINDERELLA, set for a December 16th release. The alum will include 10 songs along with one bonus track.

Hololive Lottery Prizes Revealed

Banpresto has revealed the prizes for the upcoming lottery based on the virtual Youtuber group Hololive.  The characters featured in the Hololive lottery include Houshou Marine, Inugami Korone,...
Sana Graduation

Tsukumo Sana Announces Graduation from hololive

Tsukumo Sana of hololive English -Council- has announced that she will be graduating from the group, with her final stream taking place on July 31st.
Regis Altare Alban Knox Collaboration

hololive production and NIJISANJI English Talents to Collaborate for First Time

English-language talents under NIJISANJI and the hololive production banner are collaborating on stream. Alban Knox is joining Regis Altare for a Terraria stream.
Amelia Watson HYTE Y40 PC Case

New Hololive HYTE Y40 PC Case Revealed Featuring Amelia Watson

Amelia Watson becomes the fourth HoloEN member to get her very own custom PC case!
HOLOSTARS English -Tempus- New Members

New Wave of “HOLOSTARS English -TEMPUS-” VTubers Announced

COVER Corporation announced the debut of four new members to “HOLOSTARS English -TEPMUS-”. The talents will debut on January 7, starting from 7PM PST. 
Hakos Baelz Strange Cover

Hakos Baelz Drops Cover of “Strange”

Hakos Baelz of hololive English -Council- has released a cover of “Strange” by ¿?shimon. 

Hololive 1st Generation 3rd Anniversary LIVE Stamp Set Revealed

Popular VTuber group Hololive is teaming up with The Japan Post Service to commemorate the Hololive 1st Generation 3rd Anniversary LIVE with a stamp set. The Hololive 1st...
Gawr Gura Murasaki Shion Renai Circulation

Gawr Gura and Murasaki Shion Release Renai Circulation Cover

Gawr Gura and Murasaki Shion of hololive release a cover of Renai Circulation - Kana Hanazawa. The duo is expected to release a cover of Platinum Disco soon.