yen audio bungo stray dogs cover dazai and kunikida feature image

Yen Audio Adds 3 New Audiobooks to Collection

Yen Press announced that its Yen Audio brand will be releasing three new adaptations of Yen On novels, which include Bungo Stray Dogs, Baccano!, and Reign of the Seven Spellblades
management of a novice alchemist light novel volume one english cover feature image

J-Novel Club Announces Several New Titles at Anime NYC 2023

J-Novel Club has announced the acquisition of multiple new series following their latest industry panel held at Anime NYC 2023 on November 17, 2023.
the apothecary diaries light novel volume one cover feature image

Square Enix Manga & Books Releases The Apothecary Diaries Light Novels in Print in...

Square Enix Manga & Books announced that it will publish The Apothecary Diaries light novel series in English language print editions for the first time in May 2024.
chasing spica yuri manga volume one cover

Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses Chasing Spica, Yes, No, or Maybe? & More Titles

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced its latest new licenses, which will all be released in 2024 and include several titles in the romance, Boys Love, and Girls Love genres. 
i want to be praised by s gamer gal manga volume feature image

Yen Press Announces 15 New Manga & Light Novel Series at NYCC 2023

Yen Press held an industry panel on the last day of New York Comic Con 2023, in which they announced fifteen new manga and light novel acquisitions, including a new Sword Art Online Progressive work.

Winners of 10th Overlap Bunko Taisho Revealed

The results of the 10th Overlap Bunko Taisho light novel competition are in. Taking the gold prize are the pirate-themed Aoi Umi no Shouhaou (The Young Ruler...
tearmoon empire French light novel volume one feature image

J-Novel Club Expands into Europe with JNC Nina Service

J-Novel Club has announced its new expansion into the European market with its JNC Nina service, allowing light novel readers to subscribe for weekly installments of new light novel translations in French and German.
the mimoa confessions light novel volume one cover feature image

Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses My Girlfriend’s Not Here Today, The Mimosa Confessions & More...

Seven Seas Entertainment announced that it has licensed four new series, which includes two new manga, a light novel title, and a webtoon manhwa.
from old country bumpkin to master swordsman light novel cover feature image

J-Novel Club Announces 17 New Light Novel & Manga Acquisitions During September 2023 Livestream

J-Novel Club announced the license acquisition of several new light novel and manga series, following their latest industry Twitch livestream on September 15, 2023. 
i'm in love with the villainess audiobook cover feature image

Seven Seas Launches Audiobook for I’m in Love with the Villainess Light Novel Series

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced an audiobook adaptation for the yuri isekai light novel series I’m in Love with the Villainess under its Siren imprint.