INTERVIEW: Science SARU Co-Founder Eunyoung Choi & “Eizouken!”

Science SARU caught the attention of anime fans across the globe last year with the release of Devilman crybaby (based on Go Nagai’s manga Devilman) on Netflix. Since then,...

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken – Anime NYC 2019 First Impressions

After the hit anime show Devilman Crybaby debuted on Netflix in January 2018, Science SARU returns in 2020 with a brand-new TV anime series adapting Sumito Owara’s manga, Keep...

INTERVIEW: Voice Actress Mai Nakahara

Anime Central invited many special guests from Japan including voice actress Mai Nakahara. Some of her notable works include Juvia from Fairy Tail, Dān Fěi from Thunderbolt...

INTERVIEW: Voice Actress Aya Suzaki

Anime Central invited many special guests from Japan including voice actress Aya Suzaki. Some of her roles include Kayano Kaeda from Assassination Classroom, Tamako Kitashirakawa in Tamako...
Astra Lost in Space wins Summer 2019 Anime of the Season Title

Astra Lost in Space scores spectacular upset in Anime of the Season win for...

Aye-yeah! Kanata and his space crew successfully grabs the Anime of the Season Title for Summer 2019 after an astronomically well-received finale episode

O Maidens in Your Savage Season Has Serious Issues

"Bewildering", "Mind Boggling" - here's how our writer Melvyn described 'O Maidens in Your Savage Season". Read this to find out why

Studio TRIGGER’s Promare Anime Film Interview

Studio TRIGGER's team gives talks about the film that is set to hit US and Canada Theaters this September 17 and 22 respectively

Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl Movie Premiere in Singapore

Aniplus Asia held two fan screenings of Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl on August 17th and August 18th at Golden Village Cinemas, with ticket buyers receiving...

Theatrical Impressions: Weathering with You

Deiru-kun, the Head Admin, got an opportunity to watch Makoto Shinkai's latest film at its 2nd pre-screening in the Philippines courtesy of Pioneer Films. Here are his thoughts.

INTERVIEW: The Promised Neverland Director and Producers (Anime Expo 2019)

Special exclusive interview with the director and producers!