The God of High School Director Sungho Park (Interview)

The God of High School is one of the hypest anime of the season. We had the chance to ask director Sungho Park about his thoughts on the anime and web comic. 

INTERVIEW: D4DJ at CharaExpo 2019

D4DJ was one of several up-and-coming projects featured at CharaExpo USA 2019. Anime Trending had the opportunity to interview cast members Aimi, Reo Kurachi, Haruki Iwata, and Hinata Sato.

INTERVIEW: Revue Starlight’s Hinata Sato, Aina Aiba & Haruki Iwata

Anime Trending had the chance to talk to actresses Hinata Sato, Aina Aiba, and Haruki Iwata about their involvement in the franchise. 

So I’m a Spider, So What Light Novel Author & Illustrator Q&A at VCRX

Anime Trending got the chance to talk to Okina Baba and Tsukasa Kiryu, the author and illustator of the light novel respectively.

INTERVIEW: D4DJ First Mix Director Seiji Mizushima

Bushiroad recently held an interview with D4DJ First Mix director Seiji Mizushima, where he discussed the show’s characters, the first episode of the anime, and the global popularity of D4DJ.
Roselia during their live performance at CharaExpo 2019

INTERVIEW: Roselia at CharaExpo 2019

Anime Trending had the opportunity to speak with the band members about their history as a group, their international popularity, and all manner of BanG Dream! topics.


RAISE A SUILEN is a live band from the BanG Dream! multimedia franchise. They appeared as guests at CharaExpo USA 2019, and even performed a live concert...

INTERVIEW: Poppin’Party at CharaExpo 2019

Poppin’Party, the live band from the BanG Dream! franchise, was featured at CharaExpo USA 2019. Members Aimi and Sae Otsuka joined as guests to host a talk...