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    Sword Art Online finally wins AOTS Title in 3rd attempt at the Fall 2019...

    Rise above hate! Sword Art Online finally triumphs in Anime Trending while the AOTS title continues to remain elusive to the Fate Franchise, who lost it again for the 4th straight time.

    Polls for Best Anime Film Characters of 2021 Now Open

    Vote for your favorite anime film character of 2021!

    Anime Trending to host Decade Awards this September

    The Past 'Anime of the Year' will clash in Anime Trending's Decade Awards! First Polls to start this April.

    LGBTQ Triumph 2: Bloom Into You

    In my last article, I talked about how I was once a homophobe. In a strange twist of events, I have recently come to recognize that I am actually...
    K-ON Wins Anime of the Decade

    K-ON!! clinches Anime of the Decade title in Anime Trending’s 1st Decade Awards

    In an all-CGDCT Anime of the Decade Finals Match, the girls of K-ON!! came out on top against the Antartica girls of A Place Further than the Universe!

    Mieruko-Chan Wins Girl of the Year at 8th Anime Trending Awards

    Miko Yotsuya from the horror-comedy Mieruko-Chan has won Girl of the Year for the 8th Anime Trending Awards. Her ATA win caps off her incredible run from...

    Lycoris Recoil narrowly edges Call of the Night in its Summer 2022 Anime of...

    Lycoris Recoils wins Anime of the Season for Summer 2022 after a nail-biting race with Call of the Night.

    Tada Never Falls in Love Reigns supreme in the Spring 2018 Anime Awards

    Tada Never Falls in Love is the 5th Romance Anime to win AOTS in the past 6 seasons
    Astra Lost in Space wins Summer 2019 Anime of the Season Title

    Astra Lost in Space scores spectacular upset in Anime of the Season win for...

    Aye-yeah! Kanata and his space crew successfully grabs the Anime of the Season Title for Summer 2019 after an astronomically well-received finale episode

    LGBTQ Triumph Part 1: Banana Fish

    Once upon a time, I was a homophobe. Back in high school, I sincerely believed that gay and lesbian relationships were unnatural. I even once answered a survey asking whether...