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    AniBitez: Spring 2021 Anime Part 1

    Spring is when the cherry blossoms bloom, and with its arrival comes the blossoming of the Spring 2021 anime! If you’re pondering which anime to check out for this season after a stacked Winter 2021, read through our AniBitez to see if anything catches your fancy!

    AniBitez Fall 2021: Anime First Impressions (Part 1)

    It’s finally time for the Fall 2021 season, and you know what that means — blankets, pumpkin lattes, and a new batch of anime!

    AniBitez: Winter 2021 Anime Part 2

    We've entered Winter 2021 with an exciting lineup of anime awaiting us! If you're wondering what to watch or don't know where to start, check out our...

    AniBitez: Winter 2021 Anime Part 1

    We’ve entered Winter 2021 with an exciting lineup of anime awaiting us! If you’re wondering what to watch or don’t know where to start, check out our AniBitez to see what our staff think of the airing anime!

    AniBitez Fall 2022: Anime First Impressions Part 1

    As the autumn leaves begin to fall, another season of anime opens up with brand new shows and stunning sequels. Get cozy while watching girls do some cute DIY in Do It Yourself!! and be inspired to step out of your comfort zone, or be dazzled by the latest entry of the Gundam Franchise with an adorkable protagonist in a mobile suit. The choice is yours to make, but hear us out before you commit this Fall Season 2022! More to come in our AniBitez Fall 2022 Part 2!

    AniBitez: Summer 2020 Anime

    Summer 2020 is here amidst the global pandemic, but don't fret as you won't be bored with the anime titles this summer! Here's a compilation of our writers' first impressions for this season's AniBitez.

    AniBitez: Fall 2019 Anime

    Fall 2019 is here, along with an exciting lineup of both trilogies and new anime to enjoy! Many anime series return to the scene such as My Hero Academia...

    AniBitez: Summer 2019 Anime

    From living in a stone world with Dr. Stone to the universe with Astra Lost in Space, there are some enthralling tales with unique settings this summer season while...

    AniBitez: Spring 2019 Anime

    It is now Spring 2019, the season of cherry blossoms! Fruits Basket (2019), a classic shoujo anime from the 2000s, comes back with a remake, while the Armed Detective...

    AniBitez Summer 2022: Anime First Impressions

    School’s out, scream and shout! It’s time for another round of spicy summer anime, featuring the riveting close-combat quarters action scenes of Lycoris Recoil and the chill...