LGBTQ Triumph Part 1: Banana Fish

Once upon a time, I was a homophobe. Back in high school, I sincerely believed that gay and lesbian relationships were unnatural. I even once answered a survey asking whether...

Attack on Titan scores historical win in the Summer 2018 Anime Awards

Attack on Titan scores the narrowest AOTS win in the history of Anime Trending

Final Impressions: Holmes of Kyoto

Season aired: Summer 2018 Number of episodes: 12 Genres: Romance, Mystery, Slice of Life Thoughts: Holmes of Kyoto follows the story of Aoi, a student in Kyoto whose disastrous love life leads...

Final Impressions: Phantom in Twilight

Season aired: Summer 2018 Number of episodes: 12 Genres: Romance, Fantasy Thoughts: Phantom in the Twilight is a complete guilty pleasure anime. It features four ikemens (vampire, jiangshi, and two werewolves), and...

HANEBADO! Final Impressions

Back when HANEBADO! (or The Badminton Play of Ayano Hanesaki!) first aired, I found it to be a combination of compelling character drama and kinetic badminton matches. It might...

Cells at Work! Best Cell Poll Now Live on Anime Trending!

Who's your favorite cell? Vote now!

FEATURE: Subtleties in Cells at Work! Episode 6 & 7

So midterm week for summer school was upon me two weeks ago and I had zero time to sit down and catch up with Cells at Work! By the...

Excitement and Intensity of Attack on Titan Season 3 at Anime Expo

Eren Yeager's Japanese and English Voice Actors shares some of their thoughts on the anime

AniBitez: Summer 2018 Anime

Short thoughts shared by the staff for this season's set of anime

Sirius the Jaegar US Premiere at Anime Expo 2018

Anime Expo 2018 hosted the US premiere of Sirius the Jaegar, an original anime that is a collaborative effort between P.A. Works and Warner Brothers Japan. P.A. Works brought...