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futoku no guild hanabata nohkins feature image

Futoku no Guild Shares Hanabata Nohkins Character PV Trailer

A new 30-second character PV trailer from Futoku no Guild has been released for Hanabata Nohkins, with narration provided by her voice actress Yuuna Kamakura.

Futoku no Guild Reveals October 5 Premiere, Trailer

An October 5 Japanese premiere date has been revealed for the Futoku no Guild anime adaptation. A trailer and key visual were released as well.

Futoku no Guild Releases Maidena Character Trailer

The Futoku no Guild anime has received a character trailer for the White Mage Maidena Ange, played by Ayano Shibuya. 

Futoku no Guild Previews Beast Girl Heroine in Character Trailer

The upcoming Futoku no Guild ecchi fantasy anime has received a character trailer for its beast girl heroine Hitamu Kyan. The trailer includes a preview of the ending song "Sugar Sugar Spice" by Minami Kuribayashi.

Futoku no Guild Adds New Cast Members, Unveils OP & ED Theme Song Artists

The upcoming fantasy ecchi series Futoku no Guild has revealed two new cast members who will be joining the show, as well as the opening and ending theme song artists.

Futoku no Guild Teaser Trailer Previews Characters and Erotic Comedy Moments

The upcoming Futoku no Guild anime has released a teaser trailer, which previews the main characters and a hint of the questionable scenarios that they find themselves in during their guild activities. The show is set to premiere in October in Japan.
futoku no guild visual feature image

Futoku no Guild TV Anime Adaptation Airs October 2022

Futoku no Guild is scheduled to air in October 2022. The production team released a new teaser visual and voice cast list for the anime adaptation.
futoku no guild anime feature image

Futoku no Guild Erotic Comedy Manga Gets TV Anime Adaptation

An anime adaptation of the erotic comedy manga Futoku no Guild has been announced. TNK will be handling animation production.

Immoral Guild Previews Noma the Fairy In New Character Trailer

A character trailer for Immoral Guild's sword-wielding fairy Noma Rune has been released.

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