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Do It Yourself!! Anime Is Getting a Live-Action Drama

The Fall 2022 original anime Do It Yourself!! is inspiring a live-action drama starring Hinano Kamimura and Iori Noguchi from the Hinatazaka46 and =LOVE idol groups, respectively. The drama will begin airing on July 4 as an MBS and TBS Dramaism title.

REVIEW: Do It Yourself!! is Objectively Perfect But Not Made For Me

Season aired: Fall 2022 Number of episodes: 12 Watched on: Crunchyroll Translated by: ? Genres: Slice-of-Life, Comedy Thoughts: When I asked the Anime Trending community to choose...

Do It Yourself!! Original Anime Inspires Manga

The Fall 2022 original anime Do It Yourself!! is getting a manga by Beru Koyubita, which will be serialized on Square Enix's Manga UP! from October 4 (effectively October 5 at 12 AM JST). The first tankoubon volume is set for a November 7 release.

Do It Yourself!! Anime Reveals October 5 Premiere, New Trailer and Visual

An October 5 Japanese premiere date has been revealed for the upcoming Do It Yourself!! original anime. A new trailer, previewing the anime's characters, their DIY Club activities, and the opening theme song "Dokidoki Idea wo Yoroshiku!," was also released along with a main visual.

Do It Yourself!! Releases Jobko and Si Character Trailers

The Do It Yourself!! anime has received two new character trailers that highlight the remaining members of the main cast, Jobko/Juliet Queen Elizabeth VIII and Si/Kokoro Koki.

Do It Yourself!! Receives 2 New Character Trailers

Two new character trailers for the Do It Yourself!! original anime have been released, providing a look at the DIY Club's leader Kurei/Rei Yasaku and the timid Takumi Hikage.

Do It Yourself!! Gets 2 Character Trailers, Cast Info

Two character trailers for the upcoming Fall 2022 slice-of-life anime Do It Yourself!! have been released, highlighting the characters Self Yua and Purin/Miku Suride. The main cast has been revealed as well.

Crunchyroll Expo to Premiere Do It Yourself!!

Crunchyroll will premiere the first episode of Do It Yourself!! at Crunchyroll Expo’s Hime Stage on August 6 at 3:00 PM PDT.

Studio Pine Jam Reveals Do It Yourself!! Original Anime

Studio PINE JAM has revealed that it is currently producing an original television anime titled Do It Yourself!! A key visual was...

AniBitez Fall 2022: Anime First Impressions Part 1

As the autumn leaves begin to fall, another season of anime opens up with brand new shows and stunning sequels. Get cozy while watching girls do some cute DIY in Do It Yourself!! and be inspired to step out of your comfort zone, or be dazzled by the latest entry of the Gundam Franchise with an adorkable protagonist in a mobile suit. The choice is yours to make, but hear us out before you commit this Fall Season 2022! More to come in our AniBitez Fall 2022 Part 2!