Nijisanji’s Nornis Gets Animated Music Video for “Johari”

Image source: Nijisanji YouTube channel

Nijisanji has released a music video for “Johari,” the new song from the Nornis VTuber unit.

HASU (storyboard artist and director of Houshou Marine and Kobo Kanaeru‘s “III” MV) has director, character designer, and animation credits on the “Johari” video, which rotates between visual styles. Illustrator coalowl (Chainsaw Man Ep 4 ending storyboard artist, director, and key animator) handled the dance choreography that’s featured during the stylish chorus sequences, while Mitsumine and yoshihiro have image and UI/credit design credits, respectively.

The Nornis unit currently consists of Chima Machita and Inui Toko. Another of their songs, “Try add,” was recently featured in the Page of Lambda project’s opening animation.

“Johari” is one of the tracks from Nornis’ first mini album, Tensegrity, which went on sale on June 19 JST.

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Source: Nijisanji YouTube channel

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