The Baten Kaitos JRPGs Are Now on Steam

Image source: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment website

BANDAI NAMCO has announced that the Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster collection, which was originally released for the Nintendo Switch last September, is now on Steam. 

The sudden release brings two more-than-a-decade-old JRPGs to PC for the first time, with 2003’s Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and 2006’s Baten Kaitos Origins being Nintendo GameCube titles when they were first released. For the first month of its Steam release (until July 17 at 2:59 PM PDT), the collection will be sold as a “Month-1 edition” that comes with a digital artbook containing “concept art, character designs, and development documents.” It’s also 10% off for the next two weeks.

Baten Kaitos is notable for using a card-based system for its real-time combat. As BANDAI NAMCO explains, “The BATEN KAITOS™ series features the Magnus Battle System, a unique card-based mechanic where cards are dealt from the deck to determine attack power based on the attributes and combination of cards available. In these real-time battles, players must make quick decisions to claim victory. In this series, players assume the role of the Guardian Spirit, guiding the protagonist and their companions through distinctive adventures in each game.”

A Steam launch trailer that shows off the series’ gameplay and locations has been released:

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Sources: @BandaiNamcoUS, PC Gamer

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