Hololive English Justice PV Introduces The New HololiveEN Unit

Image source: hololive English YouTube channel

The lore text in the PV says that the new unit is on an undercover investigation, with their target being “five escaped fugitives.” The VTubers also have the respective titles “The Scarlet Queen,” “The Chaser,” “The Artist With the God Eyes,” and “The Ancient Automaton.”

Interested hololive English fans won’t have to wait long for holoJustice’s debut streams. Elizabeth and Gigi’s debut streams will be held on June 21 at 8:45 PM PDT, while Cecilia and Raora will follow on June 22 at 8:00 PM PDT and 8:45 PM PDT, respectively.

Below are the links to their debut streams:

Elizabeth Rose Bloodflame

Gigi Murin

Cecilia Immergreen

Raora Panthera 

The character designers for the VTubers are Mephisto (for Elizabeth), Makihitsuji (for Gigi), DSmile (for Cecilia), and Nekojira (for Raora). The Justice debut PV is produced by Makaria Inc. and unit directed by Joe Yoshizaki.

hololive English’s previous gen, Advent, had their debuts in July 2023. Justice is the fourth gen of the branch.

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Source: hololive English YouTube channel

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