Fairy Tail 2 RPG Coming in Winter 2024

Image source: Nintendo of America YouTube channel

Fairy Tail 2, the sequel to 2020’s Fairy Tail RPG, was announced at Nintendo Direct 2024 with a winter 2024 release date. It’ll be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Fairy Tail 2 will feature the “Alvarez Empire Arc” and an original story called “Key to Hidden Secrets” that takes place “after the final battle of the original work,” as well as “Character Stories.” 

IGN’s video description of the trailer says that the sequel will have real-time battles, in contrast to the turn-based combat of its predecessor, although an official KOEI TECMO post mentions that there will be “strategic elements” to make use of. The post also promises the ability to “explore the vast map seamlessly.”

Watch the Fairy Tail 2 trailer below:

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Source: Nintendo of America YouTube channel

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