Nijisanji Releases “Page of Lambda” Opening Animation Featuring “Sanbaka” Trio

Image source: Nijisanji YouTube channel

What if Nijisanji VTubers Ange Katrina, Inui Toko, and Lize Helesta — collectively known as “Sanbaka” — had an anime that depicted them as travelling companions in a fantasy world? That’s the premise for the Page of Lambda project, which includes a nicely-produced 90-second opening animation that is now up on the Nijisanji YouTube channel and features the tagline: “The more they know, the more they know they don’t know.”

Aside from the opening video, there will be a design works collection book that will go on sale on the Nijisanji online store (a fancier edition is also available), Amazon Japan, and Rakuten on August 19. Goods like can badges and visual towels and a Comiket 104 booth are also part of the plan.

The Page of Lambda opening animation video is directed by animator Riki Matsuura (Undead Unluck Opening 1 storyboard artist, director, and key animator), who also drew the character designs and contributed to the key animation. The animation production credit is held by ENISHIYA, the studio that produced Episode 14 of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End and Episode 6 of Delicious in Dungeon (among other things).

Other staff credits include:

• Color designer: MAPPA’s Ayako Suenaga (Hell’s Paradise)
• Art director: Sagako Itakura (“Sore o Ai to Yobu Dake” music video)
• Compositing director: Yu Wakabayashi (Princess Principal)
• Sub-character designer: Hideyuki Morioka (Undead Unluck character designer)

The song that’s used in the opening animation is “Try add” by the Nornis unit, which currently comprises Chima Machita and Inui Toko.

According to their VTuber lore, Ange is an alchemist, Inui a cerberus who works at a Japanese-style tea shop, and Lize the second royal princess of the Helesta Kingdom.

The project’s website includes a fictional Episode 1 preview and series synopsis. Page of Lambda would’ve seen Lize embarking on a journey around the world as training and encountering her old friends Ange and Inui along the way, with Episode 1 featuring Lize and Ange’s reunion.

Other characters include Elegia, the prophetess of the desert nation Ovicks; Laki, a top alchemist of the mountainous Lakime who’s considered to be the founder of modern alchemy; and Ban and Ken, twins who serve as the guards of Hell and are very fond of Inui. 

Source: Nijisanji YouTube channel

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