1st HoloRêve Collection Goes On Sale on June 28

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The first line of products from holoRêve, a new brand of hololive-themed goods and items that is aimed at female fans, will go on sale on June 28 at 6:30 PM JST.

Most of the items in holoRêve collection no.1 (“Rêve” being a French word that means “dream”) are inspired by Aki Rosenthal, Sakura Miko, Hoshimachi Suisei, and Kazama Iroha and/or feature special illustrations of the VTubers. They include:

• Acrylic panel (3,300 yen/~US$20.86, tax-included)
• Acrylic stands (1,870 yen/~US$11.84 each, tax-included)

• Heart-shaped can badges (550 yen/~US$3.48 each, tax-included)
• Fabric-backed pocket mirrors (880 yen/~US$5.57 each, tax-included)
• Necklaces (3,300 yen/~US$20.89 each, tax-included)
• Acrylic stand cover (1,430 yen/~US$9.05 each, tax-included)
• Tote bag (3,850 yen/~US$24.37 each, tax-included)
• Mini drawstring purse (1,980 yen/~US$12.53, tax-included)

In Japan, the launch of holoRêve collection no.1 will be commemorated with ONLY SHOP sections at hmv museum Shibuya and hmv museum Nishinomiya that feature life-sized standees of the holoRêve character illustrations. 

There will also be fairs at most HMV and HMV&BOOKS stores nationwide from June 29 to July 28 JST, which will offer special holoRêve mini-cards with fashion magazine-style designs for every 2,200 yen/~US$13.90 (tax-included) spent on hololive goods (including holoRêve collection items). The mini-card giveaway will end early if supply runs out, and customers won’t be able to choose their preferred design.

The holoRêve goods will be available for purchase on the official hololive online store.

Source: Press release

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