VTuber Akami Karubi’s 1/7 Scale Figure Now Up for Pre-Order

Image source: Amiami English

Furyu’s 1/7 scale F:NEX figure of independent VTuber Akami Karubi can now be pre-ordered.

On Amiami English, the 245mm-tall (base-included) Karubi figure is going for 22,000 yen, or roughy US$139.79, and has May 2025 as its release date. Hobby Genki has a tax-inclusive price of 24,450 yen (~US$155.62) and lists a April 15, 2025 release date.

Karubi’s character designer, Amashiro Natsuki, supervised the figure’s design.

Karubi debuted in January 2021 and primarily streams on Twitch, with her YouTube channel featuring edited clip compilations, food reviews, and shorts. The FPS games Apex Legends and Valorant are among her commonly played games.

hololive fans may recognize Karubi from her previous interactions with Natsuiro Matsuri, Shishiro Botan, and Laplus Darkness. Karubi also collaborates with a variety of streamers and non-hololive VTubers, especially those from VSPO! and Nijisanji.

Source: @AmiAmi_English

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