Zegapain STA Releases 90-Second Main Trailer and Key Visual, Reveals August 16 Release Date


The upcoming Zegapain STA mecha anime has received a main trailer, key visual, and August 16 Japanese release date.

It was also announced that the 2016’s Zegapain ADP movie, a re-edit of the 2006 Zegapain TV series that includes new prequel content, will be rescreened from July 12, 2024.

Zegapain STA consists of two parts: a “Reminiscence Arc” that recaps the 26-episode Zegapain and Zegapain ADP and an “Olta Moda Arc” that’s set after the last episode of the TV series. “Olta Moda” is the name of a new power in the anime’s setting.

Amazon describes the Zegapain series as:

Reality and fantasy seem to be breaking down for student Kyo Sogoru. Is he really the smart but unpopular swim enthusiast at Maikama High School or the pilot of the giant robot Zegapain in a war-devastated world? From the day he meets the mysterious girl Shizuno Misaki, his life changes forever as he begins to question reality and his own sanity. Which life is real and which is fantasy? As he fights the forces of the enemy GARDS-ORM and tries to keep his school swim club going, Kyo searches for answers. But is the truth even stranger than he’s ready to deal with? 

Since the original Zegapain series, which was created by Sunrise collective Hajime Yatate and mangaka Takehiko Ito, the franchise has expanded to include other media like novels, manga, and video games. The “Olta Moda Arc” was announced in 2023 as part of the Zegapain Project Reunion plan. 



• Director: Masami Shimoda (returning)
• Character designer: Akihiko Yamashita (returning)
• Character designer: Tatsuya Suzuki (Valvrave the Liberator)
• Character designer: Marie Tagashira (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury main character designer)
• Screenwriter: Katsuhiko Takayama (Zegapain co-scriptwriter, The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash series composer)
• Animation production: Sunrise


• Shintaro Asanuma as Kyou Sogoru 
• Kana Hanazawa as Ryouko Kaminagi 
• Ayako Kawasumi as Shizuno Misaki
• Romi Park as Mao Lu-Shen
Kengo Kawanishi as Hal Velt

Source: Sunrise YouTube channel

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