Sakamoto Days Anime Announced

🄫鈴木祐斗/集英社・SAKAMOTO DAYS製作委員会

Yuto Suzuki’s Sakamoto Days manga is getting an anime.

The action title is produced by TMS Entertainment and is scheduled for a January 2025 premiere. Tomokazu Sugita is voicing the titular ex-assassin Sakamoto. The staff includes:

• Director: Masaki Watanabe (Bakumatsu, Battle Spirits: Mirage)
• Series composer: Taku Kishimoto (Blue Lock)
• Character designer: Yo Moriyama (Megalo Box director and co-sub character designer et al.)

The Sakamoto Days manga began in 2020 and has 16 tankoubon volumes as of April 2024. It is serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and published under the Jump Comics label.

Viz Media describes the manga as:

Time has passed peacefully for Sakamoto since he left the underworld. He’s running a neighborhood store with his lovely wife and child and has gotten a bit…out of shape. But one day a figure from his past pays him a visit with an offer he can’t refuse: return to the assassin world or die!

🄫鈴木祐斗/集英社・SAKAMOTO DAYS製作委員会

Source: Jump Press 

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