Odd Taxi Staff Reunite for New Anime Movie Housenka

Image source: Annecy

Odd Taxi director Baku Kinoshita and scriptwriter Kazuya Konomoto are teaming up again for a new anime movie titled Housenka

Housenka, which is created by Konomoto and produced by CLAP, is one of the featured titles at Annecy 2024’s Work-in-Progress lineup. Annecy describes the plot as:

Autumn 2023. Akutsu, an elderly inmate serving life in prison, is on the verge of a lonely death in his single cell. A flower, touch-me-not, that can talk like humans says to him, “What a rotten life you had.” Through their “conversation”, Akutsu starts reflecting on his past. Summer 1986. Akutsu is living with Nana, a woman six years his junior, and her son Kensuke in a shabby apartment with a garden full of touch-me-nots. A one-night victorious comeback by a dying yakuza, and the story of his family recounted by a flower that blooms in prison.

The only thing shown of the film so far is an image of a man, presumably Akutsu, witnessing fireworks from a house. Annecy lists a runtime of 90 minutes.

Other staff credits include Kinoshita as character designer and Michinoku Toge as concept artist.

Sources: @CLAP52659123, Comic Natalie

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