2 New Holo Indie Games Coming in June

Image source: Steam

COVER Corporation has announced two new holo Indie titles, Miko Sniper and DUEHOLO, that will be released in June.

Miko Sniper, which releases on June 7 at 490 yen (~US$3.12), is a shooter and tower defense game by Same Games where Sakura Miko employs 35P with various abilities to fight incoming enemies, including bosses like Fubuzilla and Listener-san. Those 35P abilities can be enhanced, and Miko can also change outfits for different play styles. 

Meanwhile, DUEHOLO is a roguelike deckbuilder where the goal is to defeat 35 hololive members. There are eight playable characters (one from each hololive generation) — Sakura Miko, Aki Rosenthal, Oozora Subaru, Ookami Mio, Houshou Marine, Tsunomaki Watame, Omaru Polka, and Hakui Koyori — with each having a unique ability. The game’s description says that decks, which “always” have 20 cards, “must be constructed to match that ability.”

DUEHOLO is developed by Take and will go on sale on June 28 for 490 yen (~US$3.12). Miko Sniper and DUEHOLO will both be available on Steam.

The holo Indie brand previously released three new games from late March to April. In an April interview with GamesRadar, COVER revealed that it aims to “release around 10 titles annually.”

Source: Press release

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