Tokyopop Releases My Beautiful Man BL Light Novel & Manga on July 16

my beautiful man light novel volume one cover
© Yuu Nagira, Rikako Kasai, Tokuma Shoten

Tokyopop has announced that it will release the first volumes of light novel and manga adaptation of Yuu Nagira’s BL series My Beautiful Man in print and digital format starting on July 16, 2024. 

The publisher will also have advance copies of the manga and light novel, as well as a special gift for purchase or proof of preorder at its booth at this year’s Anime Expo, ahead of its wide summer release.

Nagira first published the My Beautiful Man yaoi light novels under Tokuma Shoten’s Chara Bunko label on December 19, 2014. Rikako Kasai provided the light novel’s illustration, with three volumes being released in Japan as of July 2019, along with a side story volume that was released in September 2021. 

My Beautiful Man Light Novel volume one cover
© Yuu Nagira, Rikako Kasai, Tokuma Shoten

A manga adaptation illustrated by Megumi Kitano was launched in Chara magazine on December 22, 2021, with three tankobon volumes released as of October 2023. 

My Beautiful Man Manga  volume one cover
© Yuu Nagira, Rikako Kasai, Tokuma Shoten

The series has also inspired a critically acclaimed live-action TV drama that aired for two seasons from 2021 to 2023. It was concluded through the release of the film My Beautiful Man: Eternal that screened in Japanese theaters on April 7, 2023. 

Tokyopop describes the synopsis of the original light novels as: 

Kazunari Hira is not what you’d call popular. In fact, he’s basically on the lowest rung of the social ladder, due largely to his stutter that tends to flare up when he’s anxious. And then there’s him: Sou Kiyoi, leader of the pack and the most beautiful man Hira has ever seen. When Hira is made the popular group’s gofer, he realizes that he doesn’t mind his lowly position so much when the orders are coming from Kiyoi’s lips. In fact, Hira treasures every order Kiyoi gives him and every bit of change he’s handed to run errands. Could he actually be… in love?

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