The Summer Hikaru Died Will Have An Anime

Image source: @hikarugashinda

Mokumokuren‘s horror-drama manga The Summer Hikaru Died is getting an anime adaptation.

The KADOKAWA-published manga started serialization on the Young Ace Up website in August 2021 and will release its fifth tankoubon volume on June 4.

Yen Press describes its premise as:

It has Hikaru’s face. It has Hikaru’s voice. It even has Hikaru’s memories. But whatever came down from the mountains six months ago isn’t Yoshiki’s best friend. Whatever it is, it’s dangerous. Carrying on at school and hanging out as if nothing has changed—as if Hikaru isn’t gone—would be crazy…but when it looks so very like Hikaru…and acts so very like Hikaru…

Image source: @hikarugashinda

Source: @hikarugashinda

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