Anime Adaptation of The Darwin Incident Manga Announced


Shun Umezawa‘s The Darwin Incident manga is inspiring a TV anime adaptation. A “super teaser visual” for the newly announced show has been released.

The Kodansha-published manga has been serialized in Monthly Afternoon since June 2020 and has six tankoubon volumes as of November 2023. Kodansha USA describes the premise as:

The Animal Liberation Alliance, an eco-terrorist organization, rescues a pregnant chimpanzee from an animal testing lab-only for it to give birth to a half-human, half-chimpanzee “humanzee” named Charlie! Fifteen years later, Charlie’s human foster parents are finally ready to send him to a normal high school, where he makes his first friend: a human girl named Lucy. In the meantime, however, the ALA’s stance has become ever more extreme, and now they’re here to drag Charlie into their terrorist plot…

Winner of the prestigious Manga Taisho, as well as an Excellence Award at the Japanese Media Arts Festival, The Darwin Incident is as action-packed as it is socially relevant!


The Darwin Incident was a finalist in the General category of the 47th and 48th Kodansha Manga Award.

Source: @darwins_anime

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