A New Dawn Movie Reveals New Teaser Visual

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The upcoming anime movie A New Dawn has received an international teaser visual, which features a different character and location from its previous visual.

The French-Japanese co-production is set to premiere in Japan in 2025 and was selected for the 77th Cannes Film Festival’s 2024 Annecy Animation Showcase. Cannes describes the plot as:

The Obinata Fireworks Shop factory is getting prepared for an administrative action for confiscation tomorrow. It has been six years since Keitaro has been holed up in a closed-down factory creating fireworks by himself, chasing after an illusion of his father who vanished. It is a story about three young people who overcome the extreme weather conditions, disasters and environmental problems imposed on them and establish their own identities.

©A NEW DAWN Film Partners

A New Dawn is the feature director debut of Yoshitoshi Shinomiya, who has been involved with anime films like Makoto Shinkai‘s The Garden of Words (poster illustrator) and Your Name (recollection scene key animator and unit director), Sunao Katabuchi‘s In This Corner of the World (watercolor painter et al.), and Takayuki Hirao‘s Pompo the Cinephile (art board artist). Shinomiya has directed short-form work like Tokino Kousa and the Chiaki Mayumura music video “Boukentai ~Heroes of the old forest~.”

Shinomiya is also credited as the creator and scriptwriter for A New Dawn. Other staff include Utsushita (Tengoku-Daimakyo) as character designer, Akiko Majima (Your Name co-art director) as art director, and Shuta Hasunuma as music composer. Asmik Ace, Studio Outrigger, and Miyu Productions are credited for the animation production.

Sources: @anewdawn_movie, Comic Natalie

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