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Anime-themed perfume and cosmetics brand Fairy Tail Parfum is selling eau de parfum based on the three main characters of the infamous School Days romance-drama anime. 

The perfume based on School Days protagonist Makoto Ito, known for his ruinous decision-making and infidelity, is described as an “egoistic” perfume that will evoke “primitive lust” and leave an alluring impression. The top note includes the scent of the narcissus, a symbol of ego in the language of flowers, while the base note includes sensual musk.

Long-haired heroine Kotonoha Katsura’s perfume is supposed to be light, sweet, and possessing a sense of splendor to convey her overly devoted feelings for Makoto. The top note has the lily of the valley as it symbolizes purity, in contrast to the “edgy” base note that can “gently sting hearts.”

Finally, the perfume themed after short-haired heroine Sekai Saionji is “girly” and “cute” with its last note and “sweet-and-sour” with its fruity top note to convey the simultaneous feeling of charm and willfulness. The last note includes the scent of jasmine, which carries the meaning of “you are mine” in flower language.

All three School Days perfumes cost 4,400 yen (~US$28.27) with tax included for a 60 ml bottle. They are being sold on Fairy Tail’s Dreaming Princess website, Amazon Japan, and the Rakuten webstore. 

The respective scents are:

Makoto Ito

• Top note: Citron, blueberry, narcissus
• Middle note: Rose, apple, jasmine, bamboo
• Base note: Umber, musk

Kotonoha Katsura

• Top note: Lily of the valley, jasmine, rose
• Middle note: Absolute rose, green note
• Base note: Patchouli, akigalawood

Seikai Saionji

• Top note: Freesia
• Middle note: Lily magnolia
• Base note: Jasmine, musk

Fairy Tail Parfum is also selling a School Days pouch bag for 2,750 yen (~US$17.67) with tax included. Also, its MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 outlet will feature a life-sized display of Makoto and distribute mouillettes until June 2. The product announcements and the starting date of the Makoto display were both on May 17.

The School Days TV anime aired in 2007 with 12 episodes and is an adaptation of a 2005 visual novel. There were also two OVAs. Prime Video describes the series as:

Makoto Ito is caught in a bizarre, and violent, love triangle with his two high school classmates in this perverse twist on the typical harem comedy.

Source: @fairytailparfum

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