(Updated) Revue Starlight’s Takushi Koide To Direct Kinema Citrus Anime About Mermaid Reborn in Japan

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Update: A concept trailer for the show has been released, revealing the project’s nostalgic-feeling visuals and “work-in-progress” status. We’ve also added a picture of the anime’s visual. 

Original: The Kinema Citrus Sweet 16 panel at Anime Central 2024 revealed an original anime titled Goodbye, Lara, described as “The Little Mermaid” but with the mermaid reborn in Japan’s Biwa prefecture.

Biwa is the hometown of the Goodbye, Lara‘s director Takushi Koide, who was the assistant director (and also revue costume designer and weapon designer, plus many more roles) for the Revue Starlight anime series and its movie sequel. Koide recently directed the the sixth and 11th episodes of My Happy Marriage, and drew the storyboards for the former as well.

Kinema Citrus, which is celebrating its 16th anniversary this year, is credited with the new anime’s concept, while Shiori Tani (Revue Starlight prop designer, Revue Starlight the Movie co-main animator and animation director et al.) is the character designer.

We’ll update this article with the trailer and key art if/when they are released outside of the panel.

Kinema Citrus also unveiled another original project, Ninja Skool, which you can learn about here.

©2024 Kinema Citrus All Rights Reserved.

Source: Anime Central 2024

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