Kanon Visual Novel Launches Steam Page

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A Steam store page for Kanon, the debut visual novel from Clannad developer Key, has been launched.

Kanon‘s Steam release will come with “retouched HD visuals and CG coloring” and voice support “with an amazing cast of actors,” the latter being a first for a Windows PC version of the game. The protagonist will only be heard at “certain parts,” but the experience will otherwise be fully-voiced.

The store description also says that the CG coloring of the Steam version has adjustments to “better complement LED display colors,” and touts the HD as the “best HD quality to date” for the game, which has had a few releases since 1999.

For languages, the subtitle and interface options will include English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.· 

Kanon was originally released in 1999 as an adult visual novel, with the first all-ages version arriving in 2000. The most recent release was a 2023 Switch port with full voice-acting and HD.

The visual novel has inspired a variety of other media, including manga, light novels, a radio show, drama CDs, and a card game. There were also two anime adaptations: a one-cour 2002 series produced by Toei Animation that later received an additional episode and a two-cour 2006 to 2007 series produced by Kyoto Animation.

Kanon‘s premise is described as:

It’s a winter’s day, and snow is fluttering down…
On a bench in front of the train station, I reunite with my cousin, Nayuki Minase, for the first time in seven years.
Nayuki and my aunt welcomed me back to this town after I suddenly had to move.
It’s also home to some hazy childhood memories of mine.
In this town, covered in deep snow, five girls and I will come to experience small miracles.

There’s no release date yet, but you can wishlist it to keep yourself updated on its launch.

Source: @VisualArtsUSA

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